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Winners for the 2020 season

Best Documentary - StreetSauce! Public Art in Waterloo Region directed by Paul Campsall & Tom Knowlton

Best Web Series - Chatting with Dr. Stevil directed by Steve Zmijak

Best Music Video - Maribor & Saxophone directed by Franc Kopic

Best Screenplay - Short - Bernie by Fred Perry

Best Screenplay - Feature - ReView by Jonathan Zarantonello

Best Sound Design - New Woman

Best Score - Geoff Younghusband for Green Flake

Best Cinematography - Troy Maher for New Woman

Best Editing - James Campbell, Travis Turcotte, Joey Schlapsi & Ben Srokoz for Major Miricle

Most Promising Individual - Al Jori Al Darwish for Sh'hab

Best Animation - Robert the Robot directed by Jonathan Irwin

Best Costuming - Meadow Terry & Clotile Farkas for Green Flake

The Rob Herder Award for Physical Effects - Sofia Voulala for Wicca Book

Best Actor - Male - Jake Raymond for Ashes

Best Actor - Female - Rhiannon Morgan for New Woman

Best Director - Amal Al Mufta for Sh'hab

Best Short Film - New Woman directed by Benjamin Noah

Best Feature Film - Ashes directed by Dan Slater

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