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Winners for the 2022 Season

Best Documentary - PescAmare directed by Andrea Lodovichetti
Best Web Series - Pawn & King directed by Taylor Olson
Best Music Video - God Particle Apocalypse directed by Quantum Cadet
Best Screenplay - Micro - Vulpes by Laura Hoffheimer
Best Screenplay - Short - The Mender by Amy Guth
Best Screenplay - Feature - The Fourth Psalm by John Martins III
Best Sound Design - Michele Conti for Pescamare
Best Score - Dominic Caterina for Breathe
Best Cinematography - Giovanni Furlani & Laca Vagni for Pescamare
Best Colouring - Maxence Lemonnier for A World Free of Crisis
Best Editing - Gavin Michael Booth for Artifice
Most Promising Individual - Zoé Arene for A Fairy Tale
Best Animation - These Aren’t People directed by Ben Rosales
Best Costuming - Anne-Marie Frigon for Galaxy Warriors
The Rob Herder Award for Physical Effects - Galaxy Warriors
Best Actor - Male - Bastien Bouillon for A World Free of Crisis
Best Actor - Female - Aline Mahaux for A Fairy Tale
Best Director - Zoé Arene for A Fairy Tale
The Robert Bertrand Award for Comedic Genius - F**K directed by Joseph Rossi & David Magini
Best Short Film - A Fairy Tale directed by Zoé Arene
Best Feature Film - Galaxy Warriors directed by Brett Kelly

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