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The 2022 Nominees

This has been one of the toughest years for our judges as the quality of work that came in was staggering. We thank each and every person that submitted a project and hope to see more of your amazing work in the future.

Best Documentary

The ABC's of Community Art    Shoreline Socialites    PescAmare

Best Web Series

King & Pawn    The Red String: Act VII - Capulet's Orchard    Hurt

Best Music Video

God Particle Apocalypse - Quantum Cadet    Sola - Daniel Prypchan    Roller Coaster - Gerry Gacek

Best Screenplay - Micro

Indietro - Jasmina Saleh    Drop Dead - Jamie Sipho Trouncelle    Vulpes - Laura Hoffheimer

Best Screenplay - Short

A Long Road Ahead - Bernhard Riedham    Retro - Pilot - Phillip Hollins    The Mender -  Amy Guth

Best Screenplay - Feature

Rogues' Baggage - Michael Zamanis    Grandma's A Hitman - Phillip Hollins    The Fourth Psalm - John Martins III

Best Sound Design

Shahin Poordadashi - The Signature    George Flores - Artifice    Michele Conti - Pescamare

Best Score

Niki Demiller - A World Free of Crisis    Pablo Araujo - Terra Nova    Dominic Caterina - Breathe

Best Cinematography

Daniel Everitt-Lock - Artifice    Giovanni Furlani & Laca Vagni - Pescamare    Alex Cabanne - A Fairy Tale

Best Colouring

          A World Free of Crisis / Maxence Lemonnier                                      Matyas Mentes - Café Marylin                   Paul Persic - A Summer's Day at Sherwood Park

Best Editing

Nicola Nicoletti - PescAmare    Gavin Michael Booth - Artifice    Maxime Desruisseaux - Love at War

Most Promising Individual

                 Anika TingTing Boulineau - A Different Kind of Birthday                        Zoé Arene - A Fairy Tale                             Yiannis Papadontonakis - Just Like Water

Best Animation

These Aren’t People / Ben Rosales    The ABCs of Community Art    Another Swell Day 

Best Costuming

                    Anne-Marie Frigon - Galaxy Warriors                                 Emmanuelle Erhart - A Fairy Tale                           Adrian Patterson - We Need To Talk About #TheVaccine

The Rob Herder Award for Physical Effects

Poppet    A Fairy Tale    Galaxy Warriors

Best Actor - Male

Attila Király - Cafe Marylin    Bastien Bouillon - A world free of Crisis    Alireza Zareparest - The Signature

Best Actor - Female

Rozhan Ajamin - Swell    Aline Mahaux - A Fairy Tale    Maral Bani Adam - Small panda Big Panda

Best Director

Arturo Dueñas Herrero - Pessoas    Mathew Hayes - Everlasting Wheat    Zoé Arene - A Fairy Tale

Best Comedic Film

F**K    Tittitutar Town    I Moved to Salem

Best Short Film

A Fairy Tale    Artifice    A World Free of Crisis

Best Feature Film

In the Name of Art    Pessoas    Galaxy Warriors


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