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Screenwriting Workshop
Saturday, Oct 1st - 1:30 p.m.

Screenwriting Workshop


Aaron Huggett is an award winning screenwriter and filmmaker with more than 300 produced films and commercial scripts. Huggett is best known for his history films (Black Donnelly's, Red Ryan, Black Gold), which he also Directed. Aaron sold his first script at 14 years old, and believes writer’s block can be solved by learning simple techniques. He finds inspiration beyond cinema in classic writers like Hemingway, Poe, and Dickens. The workshop will provide key information for beginners and experienced writers looking to develop their craft.



Storytelling Basics

Compelling Protagonists, Interesting Antagonists and the Anti-hero Character Archs vs Story Archs

Outlines, Treatments and When and how to start writing

Your Creative Process

Tools, Apps and Techniques

Rough Draft guard-rails

Real Writing is re-writing

Focused Drafts

Love letter
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